Friday, November 11, 2011

Joined Together

photos via Trend Land

The People's Supermarket is co-op supermarket founded by chef Arthur Potts-Dawson.  Sounds incredibly british right?  Love a proper name.  Well started in Spring of 2010, the market is based on the Park Slope Food Co-op in Brooklyn.  The Brooklyn market originated in 1973 and now has 17,000 members.
The idea behind the coop is shoppers are a part of the business.  They pay £25 a year to become a member, and then volunteer to work 4 hours a month in the store, stocking shelves, cleaning, etc....whatever needs to be done.  By becoming a member they are able to receive their groceries at discounted prices.  In today's economy the idea of working together so that everyone is able to receive is a beautiful and much needed concept.
Not only was I inspired by the idea of this business and what it represents, but the beautiful design and packaging that was implemented to promote and brand this business.  I love when I'm in London the attention and importance that is put on good design.  Good design is not looked upon as something frivolous and extraneous, but something important and needed.


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