Monday, July 9, 2012

Vishnu's Couch - Dreams of the Universe

We have the most amazing yoga teacher at yoga works on Larchmont named Diana Beardsley.  Today our entire class was centered around a pose called Anantasana pictured above, or Vishnu's Couch.  The mythology of the pose is what I found so beautiful.  The top photo is a picture of Vishnu, the Hindu god of protection.  He is sleeping on the serpent Anata, which is representative of the infinite.  As Vishnu sleeps his conscious or the serpent rises up like a lotus representing the flowering of his consciousness.  
The pose Anantasana represents this balance and awakening in our own bodies.  The leg goes up like  the stem of a lotus, and the foot flexes like the opening of the flower.  You must use your core strength to maintain the stability of the pose while keeping your leg on the ground strong and straight.  The curve in your side between your extended leg and your arm is soft like a cradle for the consciousness.  It is a beautiful mythology, and a beautiful pose that teaches us to create a strong foundation so that we can open and expand.  A lesson to take into our every day lives.  


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