Friday, August 31, 2012

Pure Inspiration's Amazing Artist Feature 2

Pure Inspiration's Amazing Artist Feature #2

Who?  Bryan Short  - Illustrator

So sometimes when Pure and I are working at home we like to get out of the house and not work at home.  Today we grabbed our computers and went to our local coffee shop.  Glad we did.  We ran into Illustrator Bryan Short creating some of his skateboard art.  Above is the board that he was working on.  I loved it and immediately started taking pictures to share with you all.  I asked Bryan some questions about his work and what makes him tick.  This is what he said.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Veggie Chili mmm mmmm Good!!

I am super picky about chili.  It's something that I love when it's done right, but finding that just right recipe doesn't always happen.  I think chili needs to be a perfect mixture of salty sweet if that makes sense.  Chili is a savory dish, but I like when it has a hint of sweetness....not too much.  This chili recipe came about very serendipitously.  I bought a bunch of ingredients to make chili, got home, and realized I didn't have chili powder.  Typical Stephanie  Rummaging through my spice cabinet I found a package of organic vegetarian seasoning from whole foods.  It did the trick.  Best chili I ever made.  I served it with some cornbread, and garnished it with some Goat Gouda Cheese.  Soooooo on for the recipe.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting Started

Photos Via My Portfolio Cloutier Remix

People often ask me how I got into this business.  I will say it's a lot of work, and breakthrough moments.  For those of you out there trying to be aspiring hairstylist, makeup artists, and stylists this post is for you.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pure Inspiration's Amazing Artist Feature 1

Art comes in so many forms.  And as artists we look to seek creative inspiration from everywhere.  We hope to feature numerous artists from various genres to show you the passion that they have for what they do, and also give you a look inside their process as a creators.  Hope these people inspire you like they have done us.

Pure Inspirations Amazing Artist - Feature #1

Tawnya Ahlgren - Choreographer/Dancer

We just had the chance to work with Tawnya on Pure's up and coming video LA Global.  She is an incredible choreographer, and did such a wonderful job on his video.  I can't wait to share it with you all.  I asked Tawnya some questions to understand who she is as an artist and what inspires her to create.  She really shared herself with us and all of you.  We feel so grateful for having got a chance to work with not only a wonderful choreographer, but such a true creative.  Hope you get inspired below by her work and determination.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Throwback Thursday #4 With a Twist of Lime

This is old skool Digable Planets "Nickel Bags" from their classic album Reachin.  The sample is from Curtis Mayfields "Give Me Your Love"  Pure loved the instrumental so much he used it on his Cocktails and Checkcashing mixtape.  It's called "Digable Cocktail" and below is Pure's new video.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Outdoor Oasis

Photos Via Under Spanish Moss, Elle Decor, Ewa In The Garden, Paloma 81, Ruby Pr

In my thoughts of staying cool I wish I had a beautiful outdoor space.  Not only for us to enjoy, but to entertain in.  There is nothing better than a dinner party in a beautiful outdoor space.  Creating an outdoor space in Los Angeles can be as important or more important than your inside home.  When you have one it is definitely where you do most of your entertaining.  So when decorating make sure you put your thought into what feeling you want to evoke from your guests when they come to visit, and of course for yourself when you just want to relax and enjoy some beautiful weather.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Gallery Space

Gallery walls are such a great way to display art, photos, mirrors, frames, etc.  We did one in our living room of all of our friends and family photos.  I ordered all the prints in black and white, and did all black frames.  When displaying photos I like to do them in black and white.  It really gives even the simplest photo an artistic feel.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Products You'll Swear By

We all love to pamper ourselves.  I know I do.....and sometimes I can go overboard with the expensive products.  I wanted to do a post on these two products because they are two items that won't break the bank, and are incredible.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Throwback Thursday 3 - Does It Get Any Better?

Couldn't let another Throwback Thursday go by without posting Mos Def's "Umi Says" one of my favorite songs of all time.  I can be in the worst mood and hear this song, and at least be in a much better mood.  : )  Shine your light.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beauty and Strength

Dorothy Dandridge was a triple threat, a singer, dancer, and first ever African American Academy Award nominated actress.  She lived in a time that did not present much opportunity for an African American woman, but she was a star.  Her timeless style still portrayed today.  She was a woman who understood her body and her attributes.  Her style always sexy, was still classy and put together.  Known for her off the shoulder dresses, and her short curly cut, she knew how to show off all the right things.  Dorothy passed at the age of 42 of an unfortunate drug overdose.  However, her life and accomplishments paved the way for other African Americans to gain adoration and success in the entertainment industry.  When Halle Berry won her Oscar for best actress in Monster's Ball she dedicated the award to Ms. Dandridge.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bankin On It

Azealia Banks is definitely making a lot of headlines for a girl who hasn't even released her album yet.  Her September Dazed and Confused cover has already been preemptively banned in 7 countries.  Apparently Azealia is blowing up a pink condom on the cover.   She is not only making headlines for racy covers, but also for a twitter back and forth between her and Nicki Minaj.  She is definitely getting out there with a splash and we have to say we are definitely still fans of this song 212, and her EP - 1991.  Always a great track to get ready to.  We definitely can't wait to hear the album.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Notes

Blue Notes

Continuing on with a cool blue feeling....Let us know which way you like to view the posts better.  Pictures at the bottom or as text like the Tantalizing Turquoise post.  For some reason this one wouldn't come in with the I figured it was a good experiment.

Tantalizing Turquoise

Tantalizing Turquoise

Crochet cover up / Agent provocateur / Hunter shoes, $135 / Fantasy Jewelry Box gold bangle / Turquoise ring, $165 / Square ring / Lucifer Vir Honestus turquoise ring / Elizabeth Showers star jewelry / Libertie is my Religion hair accessory, $86 / Flower Photography - Spring Lilacs in Vintage Vase - Turquoise &... / Paris Illustration - Turquoise Doors and Cycling Kitty Cat art giclee... / Teapot - Mermaid Spikey Tea Pot, Turquoise, Chartreuse / PRINT / Peacock Garden / turquoise and blue colors / 1STDIBS.COM - Philip Colleck, Ltd. - turquoise glazed ceramic garden... / Brixton Wing Chair in Turquoise textured Velvet / "Turquoise Drape" Chandelier / Worlds Away Winter Harbor Turquoise Coffee Table / Bernardaud "Eden" Turquoise Coffee Cup

It has been soooooo hot this weekend!!  I know I know...the rest of the country has been experiencing crazy heat waves, and we in sunny California are so spoiled and blessed by our weather.  All that said this weekend has been a hot one.  We don't have air-conditioning in our little 1920's house.  So because of that, all I could think about was staying cool.  When I thought cool, I thought ocean which meant blue and turquoise.  So I put together some color boards hoping the look of something blue would inspire a more tranquil state of mind.  Doing something creative definitely kept my mind off the heat for a bit so I'd say my bluish moment worked.

Friday, August 10, 2012

She Bangs She Bangs

I think because I have such a small forehead, I have a big obsession with bangs.  If I decide to cut them it always has to be a very thick heavy bang; otherwise they're half an inch long.....not cute.  Anyway I so adore all of these bangs pictured above.   Continue on for some Bang tips.................

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Throwback Thursday Part 2


"Lyrics To Go" one of my favorite songs from Tribe Called Quest's, Midnight Marauder, one of the best hip hop albums of all time.  In The Tribe Called Quest documentary that was just out last year Q-Tip talks about how he heard "Minnie Riperton's "Inside My Love" and was blown away with the note that she holds at the end of the song.  She is able to capture so much soul and pain in her voice.  He knew one days he would sample it and finally did in Lyrics.  The amazing note is held through the whole song breathing life into "Lyrics To Go."

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Milky Beauty

Crocodile Is Eating My Sorrow


Milk we just bought this print!

A little bit obsessed with artist Hsiao-Ron Cheng.  I just found this artist's beautiful work, and was so happy to find that there was still one print available of Milk pictured above.  I had to snatch it up.  Her work has such a feminine quality to it with so much depth captured in the eyes of her figures.  Cheng was born in 1986 and lives in Taipei.  She says her work is influenced by Surrealism and Medieval Art.    She says, "I love the ways Medieval artists told stories are always fascinated me, and this work was inspired by many of them."  She is able to capture so much story through her images.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Iconic Audrey

Audrey of the most admired, and loved fashion icons ever.  Everything Audrey wore looked amazing on her and her little tiny waist.  She always made the right choices, and looked beautiful and put together from head to toe.  Not only did Ms. Hepburn know how to put her wardrobe together, she is one of only a dozen people who have won an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony, and an Emmy.  In spite of the critical acclaim and adoration of fans, Audrey remained humble about her work as an actress.   Breakfast At Tiffanys still one of my favorite movies.  Audrey took her celebrity and rolled it into humanitarian work becoming a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.  She worked less in her later life and devoted herself to disadvantaged areas of South America, Africa, and Asia.  She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but died a month later of cancer.  Audrey is a woman who lived the life that she had to the fullest, leaving us to love and emanate her to this day.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Cocktails and Checkcashing is Here!!

Pure Etc's debut mixtape Cocktails and Checkcashing is here.  It is available for download at Sound Cloud.  It can also be listened to at his official website Pure Etc.  It is a reflection of his self described "Vintage Hip Hop With a Twist of Lime."  He hopes that this mixtape gives listeners a feeling of nostalgia and optimism.  Other featured artists are Hemanifezt, One Man, and Phenom.   Let us know what you think.