Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beauty and Strength

Dorothy Dandridge was a triple threat, a singer, dancer, and first ever African American Academy Award nominated actress.  She lived in a time that did not present much opportunity for an African American woman, but she was a star.  Her timeless style still portrayed today.  She was a woman who understood her body and her attributes.  Her style always sexy, was still classy and put together.  Known for her off the shoulder dresses, and her short curly cut, she knew how to show off all the right things.  Dorothy passed at the age of 42 of an unfortunate drug overdose.  However, her life and accomplishments paved the way for other African Americans to gain adoration and success in the entertainment industry.  When Halle Berry won her Oscar for best actress in Monster's Ball she dedicated the award to Ms. Dandridge.


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