Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting Started

Photos Via My Portfolio Cloutier Remix

People often ask me how I got into this business.  I will say it's a lot of work, and breakthrough moments.  For those of you out there trying to be aspiring hairstylist, makeup artists, and stylists this post is for you.

First and foremost you must have a book.  Meaning you need to get some sort of portfolio together.  When you're first starting out this is incredibly daunting.  How will you get models, pictures, etc, and what do they need to be.  First I can say I learned a lesson the hard way.  Everything has to be working together.  You can't just do your part amazing and the rest of the picture isn't working.  It all needs to come together.  You must have an amazing photographer, fabulous hair, makeup, and styling.  And of course a model who can bring it all together.  A great picture means a great TEAM.
Plan your shoot and get inspired.  This never stops, and is on going.  There is always inspiration for a shoot, tears to look at etc.  You can find inspiration from all over, but stay up on your magazines.  See what is happening on the runways.  Fashion is not insular, it's everywhere.  Blogging has helped me to stay inspired by making me more aware of my everyday surroundings.  Make sure before you do a test everyone is on the same page.  This will help to create that special image you're looking for.  I still test to this day because that is usually the time that I get to be most creative.
When I first started Craigslist was my best friend.  Now there are sites like Model Mayhem which connect people as well.  I found photographers, models, and stylists all trying to make it happen.  My best friend was a makeup artist so that part was covered.  I started testing all the time, and I never said no to anything.  When you put the energy out saying yes things will start to unfold.
Once I had a preliminary book together I started to call every agency in town to get on the assistant lists.  When agents represent stylists, hair, and makeup artists, the people on their roster often need assistants.  This is where you come in.  You can't just call one time either.  You must follow up/email, and build a relationship with the people who maintain the assistant lists at the agencies.  Once you start assisting if you do a good job those people will continue to call you.  I have used my same assistant for years, and hate when she's not available.  You get very in sync with an assistant when you work with them a long time.
Slowly but surely when you continue to work on your book, network and meet people doors will start to open.  I do think in this business like anything hard work does pay off.  Continue to stay inspired, and love what you do.


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