Friday, August 10, 2012

She Bangs She Bangs

I think because I have such a small forehead, I have a big obsession with bangs.  If I decide to cut them it always has to be a very thick heavy bang; otherwise they're half an inch long.....not cute.  Anyway I so adore all of these bangs pictured above.   Continue on for some Bang tips.................

Summer will be ending sooner then we know it.  : )  I always advise my clients who don't currently have bangs and want them to wait to cut them in the fall.  The reason being....if you're not used to having bangs summer is not the time you want to start wearing them.  Bangs usually need to be styled.  Very few women have wash and go bangs.  In the summer we're in the pool, enjoying the sun, etc.  The last thing you want to have to worry about is styling your bangs when they get wet.  In the fall it's a nice change, and if you like them you can keep them.  If you don't, by the time summer comes again, your bangs will be grown out and ready to be swept up into a pony.
Bangs are also a great option for ladies who have long hair and want a big change.  Bangs change the entire look of a woman.  Cutting long hair is a scary thought because it will take years to grow it back, but bangs allow you that big change without the long commitment.  Even growing bangs back out feel like forever, but really it will only take you a few months.  So before deciding to cut off all of your luscious locks maybe just some bangs.


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