Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A New Attitude

August 2nd I did hair for a shoot appearing in this months Genlux shot by a fabulous photographer Marc Baptiste, and wonderful creative director Stephen Kamifuji.  We had a beautiful model Anastasia Bondarenko who was incredible.  She worked it and made us all look amazing.   Julie Matos did an unbelievable job styling the shoot, and Annie Ing did a beautiful job on the makeup.  Julie described the feel of the shoot as eclectic mod, and mixed beautiful patterns and textures.  It was all that and more...read on to see how it all was created. And see some behind the scenes pics....

The clothes were out of this world....some of the designers featured are Fendi, Marni, Gucci, Ferragamo, Stella Mcartney, Lanvin, and Prada.  Julie's shoe game is ridiculous.  Below are the amazing eel skin Fendi booties she pulled and the bedazzled Prada Mary Janes.  Julie also hipped me to a fabulous trick that I have never seen a stylist use.  She put Dr. Scholl's Rub Relief over Anastasia's feet before putting her shoes on.  It helps to slip on your booties, and heels and keeps your heels and tosies from getting those nasty blister....helllllooooo life saver.
Annie created a beautiful eye for the shoot.  She said "I love the idea of modern glamour or what I think of as edgy glam....Taking a classic look and mixing in trends of today.  The classic red lip, into a brighter, matte red, set off the models eyes, and beautiful skin tone.   She has great eyes for dark eye shadow."  Annie used Nars eyeliner to create her heavy black eye, and for the matte red lip she used Nars Vesuvio.
I wanted the hair to feel the same.  I wanted to create modern glamour, big sexy beautiful hair, but not to over done.  I wanted a look that would feel glamourous but a little rock and roll at the same time.  I started by blowing Anastatia's hair out with Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric.  Let me just say...this product is not for the weary.  This product is for SERIOUS VOLUME.  I love this product.  Nothing rivals it.  It creates big voluminous hair.  I prepped the extensions with Shu Uemura Deepsea Foundation.  This is a great spray to dampen hair and also create a little volume as well for blow drying.  After the pieces were in I set her hair with a 1 1/4" iron.  After it all cooled I took out all the curls and began teasing and shaping the hair into the style I wanted.
I had so much fun on this shoot.  Very blessed to work with an incredible team of people.


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