Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sorg.....A Beautiful Videotorial

SORG : a video fashion editorial for Fall 2012 Genlux Magazine by Andrew Matusik from Andrew Matusik on Vimeo.

We love this videotorial shot by Andrew Matusik and styled by Sarah Najafi for Genlux Magazine.  The whole look and feel of the videotorial is so beautifully done.  I love this whole idea of a moving editorial.  It allows online magazines etc. to take the technology that's out there and take a magazine to the next level.  This is set to accompany a spread that will apear in the Fall 2012 Genlux edition.  It was filmed in Big Bear, California at Jenks Lake.  It was set to look Nordic in feel, and shows the journey of two sisters mourning the loss of their father.  Sorg is Norwegian for sorrow.
The piece is beautifully shot and set to the music of Bjork.  A beautiful way to express the world of fashion in a multidimensional way.


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