Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Fall Hair & Makeup Trends

It has been so hot in Los Angeles that I haven't even been able to think fall.  It has finally cooled off a bit, and I am feeling that hint of some possible crisp cool weather coming in.  And I mean hint.   I wanted to share some simple fall hair and makeup trends that you can easily do yourself.  Read on for tips....

Don't leave home this season without a beautiful dark rich lipstick.  It is a definite must have for the season.  I spoke with my friend and amazing makeup artist Elizabeth Ulloa who blogs at Smart Chic Beautiful she says the two best reds to have this season are Mac Russian Red and Kanebo Sensai Ginza Red.   If you want to keep it more light and simple go for a flushed cheek.  Try using a creme blush for this look.  It makes those cheeks just have that hint of rosy.   Elizabeth swears by Bobbi Brown creme blushes.  And for your hair....keep it simple.  Twist pieces back into a messy bun.  Tease the crown and get your hair into a messy chignon.  Don't fuss with it too much.  Just think messy little updo and you've got it.  If your hair is a little on the thinner side and you want to give it a little more texture and give it a little more volume before you twist it spray in a little bit of  Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric when the hair is wet or dry.  Then blow dry and do your thing.


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