Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Food For Thought

Food is part of our life.  It is part of our culture, celebrations, traditions etc., and it is what fuels our bodies.  Being conscious of the food that we put in our mouths especially in today's age is of the utmost importance.  I loved this article written by Anna Brones.  She discusses not only the importance of the food we consume, but also peoples food or lack there of across the globe, and in our own country.  At some point we will have to look at our food consumption and not only for it's physical effects on us as a society but also its global and environmental effects as well.  

Below is a piece of her article written for the Huffington Post and a link to the remaining part.

"Food is life."
I have been known to say a similar thing, but when it came from the mouth of a Ugandan farmer, the words were more powerful than I could ever make them.
Sitting to the right of Constance Okollet on a panel titled Food Anthropology at SXSW Eco in Austin last week, I was humbled as she emphasized what food meant to her and her community. Okollet is  peasant farmer from Osukuru subcounty, Tororo district in eastern Uganda, Africa and a mother of seven. As if that wasn't enough, she's the Chairperson of Osukuru United Women Network, working on agriculture  health and the environment,  and a founding member of Climate Wise Women, traveling the world advocating against climate change and its effects on the communities around her.
During the course of our panel, we learned about her community's reduced access to food -- the effects of climate change have reduced the growing season and in turn the diversity of produce that can be grown. As she talked I became acutely aware of my privilege in even having access to some of the most basic food products.


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