Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's My LYFE

Last night we went to the "Forklifting" for LYFE Kitchen that is opening their second location in Culver City January 2013.  For those of you not familiar with LYFE you can catch up at our earlier blog post .
We are so excited by what this restaurant is doing.  They are paving the way for a massive switch in our meat and farming industries.  Much of their food is organic, local, grass fed.  Each restaurant is built sustainably.    All of the meals are under 600 calories, baked or grilled.  Nothing is fried.  There are meat options, vegan options, gluten free options, all with the best ingredients, low sodium, good for you, and affordable.  Everything at LYFE is created under the guise that just because it's good for you doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice taste.  During the press conference they passed around crackers with hummus, kale banana smoothies, and an unbelievable dairy free chocolate dessert.  We are so happy that this is the vision and hopefully the future of food.


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