Friday, November 2, 2012

Embrace The Shake

Sometimes are supposed limitations are our road to a greater expanse.  I love this idea that through a problem comes a solution, and often that solution brings about something that we didn't even imagine.  Last weekend my computer was stolen, thus the lack of blog posts this week.  I got a new one only to find that my backup was corrupted.  Everything had to be put on to my computer one by one.  It seemed to take forever, and was incredibly frustrating.  But after years of copying over information from one computer to the next some things ran pretty glitchy.  Now after being forced to copy things over one at a time, and basically rebuild my computer it is running better than ever.  What seemed to be a problem at the time, has now become a blessing.  The idea that when we come against something another great idea or situation is just on the horizon is so wonderful and so true.  I am awed and inspired by Phil Hansen and his work.  The fact that he took what appeared to be an obstacle and turned it into a blessing is there for all of us to do.  I truly believe that when we live our lives in a way where we make sure to put out positive energy and love that when things come into our path that may appear negative they are often just a lesson in disguise to bring us something greater.


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