Friday, November 16, 2012

Shouldn't Everything Be Fun

Such a simple concept.  If we can figure out a way to make the daily activities in our life more fun then they wouldn't seem like so much work.

Seems so obvious but often not so easy to do.  I love this simple demonstration that a little bit of fun often takes the work feel out of a daily task.  We should all enjoy what we do each day.  I truly love being a hairstylist, and often can't believe that I'm paid to do the things I do.  I'm not saying it's always that way, but I have chosen to do something that brings me pleasure, and doesn't always seem like work.  We need to stay inspired to find the fun and joy in our lives even in the most menial tasks.  The more we find the more we're able to spread, and really isn't that what it's about.


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