Monday, February 11, 2013

Made By Girl - Cartas De Amor, Love Letters

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I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day.  Always a huge fan of love, but not of a holiday that tells me it is the time to celebrate it.  I always felt sad when I wasn't with someone on Valentine's, and never seemed like such a big deal when I was.  However, when I was a child my mother would always give me and my sister little surprises of Valentine's morning that we loved.  They were never extravagant gifts, but little "S's" as she called them.  Short for surprises.  I was on Made By Girl and she put together this beautiful little mag of love letters.  I really adored everyone's expressions of love, and thought that is what Valentine's or any day really should be about.  Sharing the love.  So thought I would pass this beautiful post along to you.  


  1. i love what your mom would do on vday for you girls, so sweet! Thank you for your email & for sharing!

    1. Thank you....We were very blessed with an amazing Mom. I really enjoyed your mag, and love your blog. Thanks for checking ours out.