Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Natural Beauty - Ayaka Nishi

Natural Beauty

Photos Via Ayaka Nishi

Ayaka Nishi is the designer of all of these fabulous pieces.  I am so in love with this entire line.  Born and raised in Kagoshima Japan, she lived in a relatively large city, that also had the benefits of being in nature.  She saw women of fashion, but also was in the Japanese archipelago.  This is evident in her gorgeous work.  I am obsessed with all of her rings.  The detailing in her pieces is so special.  Each one of her pieces exists as its own little art piece to wear.  I am in love with the little spinal column and sea urchin rings....gorgy gorgy  You can read more about Ms. Nishi here.  The perfection of imperfection exists within nature, and it is brought to life in Ayaka's beautiful jewelry line.  


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