Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Transformed to a French Moment



Diving into the world of Annie Sloan Chalk paint, I decided to first dip my toe.  I have two large pieces in my office that I want to redo with this amazing Chalk paint that I purchased from The Purple Painted Lady.  If you're even considering trying chalk paint I recommend you buying it from her.  She has so much information on her site, as well as constant access to her as well.  She is only an email or phone call away if the thorough directions she sends with the paint don't seem to be enough.  When starting something you've never done, it always feels more reassuring to know there's an expert on hand.
We bought this little table off of craigslist for $15 a while back.  We spray painted it blue; however, I was not a fan.  I have been wanting to redo my desk forever, but after the spray painting experience I had kind of let the idea go......In comes Chalk Paint.  This paint is amazing!!!  There is no stripping or priming necessary...you just get to painting.  There is not smell, no fumes, it's incredible.  I painted this table right in my house with a drop cloth.  
The painting is the easy part, and then comes the waxing.  Before you do any sanding The Purple Painted Lady recommends doing a coat of wax which I did.  I don't know how I feel about that, and I may experiment on my next piece sanding before waxing.  But on this piece I followed all instructions. So I did two coats of Old White Paint, then waxed one coat of clear wax, and then started sanding.  I wanted some of the blue to pop through the white to create an antique distressed feel to the piece.  I sanded the piece with 220 grit sandpaper until I was happy with the results.  When finished I did a final coat of wax, and finally came the dark wax.  This dark wax is the tricky part.  You must make sure you have the clear wax under it or it will stain your paint.  What I love about the dark wax though is that when you get to much on the piece you can put more clear wax over it and it rubs right off.  That kind of saves the day I must say.  On The Purple Painted Lady's Site there are a number of tutorials on how to work with this paint and Annie Sloan Wax.  I certainly am not an expert at this point.  Just getting my feet wet in the water. I will continue to post though as I work on my other pieces.  This first experience was definitely a good one.  I'm excited to start piece number 2....stay tuned.


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