Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Product Loves

You know whenever I try a new product I have to share.  Well these are the latest.
I am obsessed with Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter.  We were both having crazy dry skin this winter and nothing seemed to work.  We tried expensive lotions, cheap lotions, whatever we saw we tried.  And then we stumbled across this lotion.  It's around $5.00 at Trader Joes.  That's right $5.00 and it's amazing!!!  We love this product.  It is super rich and it just absorbs right into your skin.  It's not at all greasy, and it works.  It leaves your skin hydrated and smooth.  After a week of using this my skin had been restored.  There is nothing that makes me happier then a great product for a great deal, and to pass it along to all of you.
My other two faves of the moment are La Prairie eye cream.  I have extremely sensitive eyes and I had been using the same eye cream for over 10 years.  I had been so nervous to change because every time I tried something new my eyes freaked out.  Well I was starting to feel like I was needing something  little more hydrating.  I have always heard that La Prairie makes the best eye creams from some top industry insiders so I decided to start there.  I have to say my first experience was not the best.  I went to one of the counters at Bloomingdales and the girl there gave me the wrong samples, and of course my eyes really freaked out.  I emailed customer service let them know what happened and the district manager set up an appointment with me and did a personal consultation with me.  She was fabulous and gave me the Essence of Caviar Eye Complex for the day and the Cellular Radiance Eye Cream for the night.  She told me I could just use one cream if I wanted but this would be the best regimen and the creams would last twice as long.  I decided to give them both a try, and was shocked by the results.  My little fine lines around my eye are barely noticeable, and my eye lid has tightened greatly.  I can not say enough about these eye creams.  I love them both.  Each one is $135.  You know I am always a girl for a deal, but it's not about just a deal it's also about getting the best product.  Sometimes I am lucky enough to find both great price and product in one, but in this case I am so happy with the product the price doesn't matter.  
I am a big proponent of taking care of your skin.  Having a good skin care regimen will take years off of your face, and the earlier you start the better.  What are some of your favorite skin care products?


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