Monday, April 8, 2013

The Artist In Us All

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at LACMA with our Goddaughter Kamari.  Kamari is an artist at heart, she loves to draw, paint, sing, and write music, and she just turned 10.  She is truly amazing.  We found a kids center at the museum where you can go in and paint with your kids.  Lucky we had her with us because I think we had more fun then she did.

When we got into the kids center this was some of the art posted up on the walls and done by some of the other patrons of the museum.  There was definitely some great work all around.  But what struck me most as I sat there an painted was that art has no boundaries.  It is something that crosses all divides, young, old, man, woman, race, everyone loves to create on some level.  Everyone gathered around the tables painting with their families, friends, and loved ones.

Pure getting his art on!

 Kamari doing her thing!

My little masterpiece in the making!

Doing art with children and allowing them to express themselves is so important.  The fact that art is leaving our schools daily to me is one of the great tragedies.  Giving children a space to be creative allows them to tap into their spiritual selves.  Art of all forms is what tells our history, fills us with joy, entertains us, informs us, and gives us a societal perspective.  It is not a luxury but a necessity.  I realize I'm getting a little preachy at the moment, but it is truly how I feel about art be it music, painting, sculpting, films, fashion, etc.  We had the best time at the museum, and so much fun sharing it with our Goddaughter.  A perfect Sunday.


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