Tuesday, May 21, 2013

If You Can Make It There

Pure and I took a week and went to NYC.  Last time we had gone the weather wasn't all that so we decided to take a trip in the spring.  My family is there, and it's always a good time.  This is our week in pictures.  The food in NYC is always a part of the trip.  We had some incredible meals while we were there.  We finally tried the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity which they are famous for.  All the times I've been in NY I had never tried it.  We tried a new restaurant called Catch in the meatpacking district which we both loved.  The lobster macaroni & cheese was incredible.  We went to our favorite spot in the ABC furniture store called ABC Kitchen.  Everything there is locally sourced and organically cultivated.  They have a rooftop garden where they grow herbs and micro-greens.  If you are wanting to go here make sure you make a reservation well in advance.  Reservations usually take over a month to get for a time that you'll actually want to eat.  My cousin took us to the rooftop of the Pod Hotel which just opened in midtown that was magical.  The food was phenomenal and so was the rest of our trip.........

Clinton Street Baking Company is in the East Village.  The wait for brunch on the weekends is well over an hour.  Put your name in and walk around.  It is definitely not to be missed.  The blueberry pancakes come with maple butter that is to die for.  You won't be disappointed.

Every time I have been to New York I have wanted to go to the Natural History Museum.  It is such an incredibly beautiful building inside and out.  I have to say I don't think I would go back though.  Much of the stuff there is fake, and just to give you an idea of what things would look like etc.  Also I found it extremely confusing to navigate around.  We weren't as impressed as we thought we would be, but glad we went none the less.
 Some of my favorite pics from the trip above.  I love Central Park in the Spring.  We went on a beautiful day, and I was so excited with my big bird/woman in deep conversation pic.  I think I am going to end up putting it up somewhere in my house.  I love this pic.  Right when we got into the city we saw the first of the two towers that is going up called the freedom tower.  While we were there they placed the spire on top.  It was very exciting to see the towers being rebuilt.

McNulty's is absolutely my favorite tea shop.  I am a tea addict, and they have an incredible selection of teas as well as coffees from all over the world.  If you love either of these things make sure to check out this adorable little shop that has been in the West Village on Christopher street since 1895.

 Sunday morning we took the ferry over to Brooklyn.  I love Brooklyn so much.  If ever I was to live in NY it would definitely have to be there.  The vibe is so much more laid back and chill which I think you need being from LA.  We went to the Sunday morning flea market which was filled with some great stuff.  A little pricey but some very unique pieces.  We ate at little restaurant called Cubana Social on N. 6th Street. We liked their food a lot.  Great vegetarian options there.  

Last but not least our trek to 1520 Sedgwick in the Bronx.  The only thing that Pure insisted we do was head here.  On July 5th 2007 1520 Sedgwick was recognized by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation as the "Birthplace of Hip Hop."  In 1973 DJ Kook Herc through a house party here, and this was credited as one of the pivotal moments at the beginning of hip hop, as well as other parties that were thrown here and throughout the 70's in New York.
We did Google maps to get to this building....it didn't take us on the most direct route on a hot spring day....lol  We ended up trekking forever to get to this building.  But we finally made it hot and sweaty and were glad we didn't give up.
It was definitely a packed week in NYC. There is always so much to do there it's hard to do everything.  It was nice to be there for the first time in a while that wasn't for work.  We enjoyed every minute.


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