Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pottery Obsession

I'm a little bit obsessed with pottery/china.  I buy vintage jewelry dishes that I have throughout my house, little decorative bowls that I fill with lipsticks, hair ties, etc, unique little tea cups that I love to have my morning tea in.  I love sweet little china pieces.  One of my favorite little places to find bowls is at Anthropologie, and one of the reasons why is Samantha Robinson.  
Samantha is based out of Australia, and makes exquisitely charming china pieces.  I love the idea of having functional art.  Samantha's pieces are just that.  Every time I eat out of one of my little decorative bowls I think I enjoy my food more.  

 Mug Collection For Anthropologie

 I need every one of these tea cups!!

 The colors are so magnificent.

  A final closer look....the turquoise is my favorite.


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