Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Go To Goldie's

 Last night my girlfriend Nikki and I were going to grab a bite at the Izakaya sushi bar on 3rd Street in Los Angeles.  As usual it was packed and we didn't feel like waiting.  We started walking back to the car and walked right passed Goldie's.  We could not have been happier that Izakaya had a wait.  Goldie's opened 12 weeks ago, and it's incredible.  

This is the outside of this beautifully designed restaurant!

 Roasted Carrots in Buttermilk with Spiced die for!

 These are some of the most ridiculous Brussel Sprouts you will ever have.  Even if you don't like brussel sprouts you will love these.  They are roasted in this incredibly decadent sauce.  They are a must!

 The Kale salad was beautiful light and delicious!

 The gorgeous living wall on the patio of the restaurant.  I am obsessed with these, and this one is so beautiful.

 From the inside looking out to the front patio.  This patio is wonderful for a summer night dinner.

Great bar to grab a drink after work, and eat some wonderful food.

Goldie's 8422 3rd Street Los Angeles 323.677.2470


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