Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Loving Mi-Me!

This is how my love affair with Mi Me products began.  In the mail came a huge box of products with this adorable little label stuck to it.  I discovered Mi Me through Twitter, a natural skin care line with ingredients you can pronounce.  I went on their site and read through their products, and asked if they would be so kind as to send some for me to try and share with all of you.  Both Pure and I have been using these products for some time now, and I am so excited to share the products, and a little bit about Gil and Liz the creators of Mi Me with all of you as well as offer you all a 10% discount on the line.

First off we love the design of Mi-Me products and packaging.  The packaging like the line is clean and lovely.  When I first when on their site I was struck by their price point.  Often for those of us who shop for natural product lines, we pay a very high cost to obtain high quality products.  For the ingredients that Mi-Me uses.....the pricing is extremely economical.  All of the products smell so yummy and treat your skin so well.
My first experiment was with the some of Mi Me's amazing skin products.  My skin ever since I was little has always been my problem thing as far as sensitivity.  I decided to jump right in.  I used the Indian Cleansing Grains, and made a paste with them using the toner.  I have to admit I think this may have been a lot for my skin.  I got a little rash after about the 3rd day; however Pure is using it this way and loving it.  I on the other hand have now switched to using the products separately and could not be happier.  I now combine the cleansing grains with my facial cleansing gel, and use the toner after.  All is well with that.  The Tomato Seed Serum is also fabulous.  It seems to diminish fine lines when applied in the evening.  It's as if you're bathing in beauty sleep.  Pure has been using the whole regimen and loving the line.  His skin looks incredible.

Indian Cleansing Grains and Toner

I am addicted to the Coconut Lip Buffer.  My lips like the rest of my skin are CRAZY sensitive.  I can't even really wear lipstick.  My lips are forever dry and chapped.....well this buffer solved that problem.  I only need to use it once or twice a week.  I lightly scrub my lips in the shower and they are softer and smoother than they've ever been.

Coconut Lip Buffer

Some of the other standouts for me as well as other stylists I work with, and clients were the hair products.  The Beautifying Hair Serum is amazing!!!  I put it on before I blow my hair out.  It is so shiny after that people comment on it.  A little definitely goes a long way too.  I used it on a male client, and he loved it so much I had to give him the sample bottle I had.  It didn't weigh his hair down, and gave him shine and separation without the frizz he normally has.  My colleague Addie also an amazing hairstylist is obsessed with the Fascinating Hair Elixir.  She has been using it in her hair once it's dry.  Then just wraps her hair in a bun.  When she takes it down it's beautiful separated waves the don't have those crunchy ends we hate.

Hair Serum

As far as the skin care the Avocado Butter and the Oatmeal Milk and Honey Scrub left my skin feeling so luxurious and hydrated.  The Avocado Butter is definitely wonderful for those extra dry spots, heels, elbows, etc.  It is extremely rich and decadent.  The Lip Butter and Lip Balm were great as well, and had a bit a shine to them which is nice for me since like I said I can't wear a lot of lipstick, and often most balms irritate my lips as well.  But I love both of these. 

Oatmeal Milk & Honey Body Scrub

I loved the line so much I decided to ask Gil and Liz some more questions to give you their take on the line, and why they created it.  

1. Who are Gil & Liz?  What is your relation to one another, background, etc?
Gil and Liz are just a couple of great friends who have managed to turn their semi-cross country journey, from Miami to Memphis, into a business aimed at creating luxurious beauty products.  
Gil is the nose of Mi-Me, creating scent combinations that tantalize and delight, a tennis fanatic, and a lover of amazing coffee & ice cream; I am partial to Illy & Jeni’s respectively.  He has a has a background in business and is usually Mi-Me’s voice on Twitter & Facebook. Liz keeps Mi-Me organized, has an amazing laugh and always has a DIY project in the works.  Liz has a background in education and enjoys being Mi-Me’s resident dreamer / idea woman / research freak.

2.  How did you decide to start Mi-Me and what is the meaning behind the name?
Soon after moving to Memphis, we realized that people had many careers; a teacher/realtor or a lawyer/chef.  We were impressed and inspired.  We’ve always wanted to start a business together so we thought it high time we combine our energies and resources to create something that was bigger than the both of us, something that could stand the test of time and impact people’s lives on a continual basis.  The name Mi-Me comes from the first two letters of Miami and Memphis.  We felt is was fitting because we wanted a company name that showed where we came from and the place that inspired us to start a business.  

3. How did you come up with all the different products?
Initially we thought to just do sugar scrubs and bath bombs, but we’re such product junkies that we couldn’t just stop there.  If we were being completely honest, a small part of us was tired of buying super expensive products that can be a hit or miss and many of which we could probably make ourselves; so we kept creating more and more and more.  We also took the time to ask our customers what they’d like to see from us and combined that with what we felt we could really do well.  We’ve always made a promise to ourselves that we’d never create a product that we didn’t feel was up to par, and if we did we’d pull it from our line which we have had to do.  Another big part of coming up with such a wide array of products is so that customers can make Mi-Me their one stop shop for many of their needs.  We want to continue carefully and slowly expanding our line, but we are so critical of what we create that it adds many many months to our R&D process.

4. What are your favorite products and why?

Gil - My favorite products are:
Tomato Seed Facial Regenerating Serum: I love, love, love this serum because whenever I use it, it feels like I am putting a salad on my face and it feels like heaven.  I also love that you don't need much at all to make an impact (I am greedy and always use way too much).  The other thing that I love about The Tomato Seed is that it has these amazing anti aging ingredients, but it is perfect for every age. I could go on about this serum for years, but I'll tell this last story and stop; I recently had a bad reaction to a deodorant which caused some inflammation and a painful rash, and I said this is killing me I am gonna throw some Tomato Seed on it and literally the next day I had gotten so much relief and it began fading and healing.  I was amazed and will forever be a fan, LOL.

Avocado Butter: I absolutely adore this product because I can use it all over any time of year, a little bit goes a long way, it lasts, and of course how soft and smooth my skin feels.  I also love that it has a low UVA/UVB rating which gives me some added protection.

Oatmeal Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub: I love using this scrub because the scent isn't too fruity or overly feminine.  The other thing I love about it is how soft and smooth my skin feels afterwards. I also love that my skin feels clean, but remains hydrated all day long.

Asian Cleansing Grains & Toner: I love how soft and refreshed my face feels.  Even before using the toner I love how soft and smooth my skin is.  I also love that my face is clean, but not squeaky clean or dry.  I love the toner b/c it doesn't have alcohol in it and I don't ever feel like it's drying me out.  I also love that I can use the two products in conjunction or independently of each other.

Tangerine Hydrating Lip Butter: I love the lip butter because my lips feel soft after using it without making them shiny or glossy.  I also enjoy not having to reapply too often, I really enjoy that  the lip butter is oil free and contains candelilla wax instead of beeswax which can at times be an overpowering scent.

Liz -  My favorite products are:

Mango Sugar Scrub: I just love the texture, scent and effectiveness of this scrub. I use it year round and fall in love each time I use it.  When I want my skin to feel like butta, I use it on dry skin.  It leaves my skin with a beautiful sheen and a light lingering scent.  

Mango Butter: I love this butter because it’s thick and unscented.  It stays on a long time and gives your skin a great shine.

Fascin8ing Hair Elixir: I use this product daily.  It softens, give shine, detangles, treats my scalp, makes my hair grow and smells earthy and lovely.  

Indian Cleansing Grains: I love how well this removes the dry spots on my face.  It is gentle enough to use daily and leaves my skin with a fresh and clean. The bamboo powder is fine but powerful and the milk powder and honey powder suck out any yuckies.

Lip Service Kit: This kit includes all of our lip care products.  I’m a little obsessed with smooth lips, my own and other people’s.  Yeah, it’s bad! This kit helps smooth and keep your lips kissable.  The 

Coconut Lip Buffer quickly buffs away any dry, flaky skin from your lips.  Since you control the level of exfoliation with pressure, you can be as gentle or aggressive with that dead skin as you like. 

Tangerine Hydrating Lip Butter, is a hug for your lips. I love that it has a great texture and gives a subtle shine. It softens your lips and when used often you don't have to use our lip buffer so often. The 

Lemon Ginger Moisturizing Lip Balm gives high shine and I get a little tingle from the ginger essential oil.  And to give my lips some oomph and make them a little more juicy I use the Cinnamon 

Ginger Lip Plumper The cinnamon and ginger essential oils boost the circulation to your lips and the avocado and camellia oils penetrate deeply.  

5. Are your products only sold on the website, and if not where else?
Our products are sold in Memphis at Miss Cordelia’s, Allie Cat Arts, and  K’Presha Boutique and in Venice, CA on the web and in store at Beauty Cirque. We also still have our original Etsy store, ilovemime.etsy.com.  We are always on the lookout for new retail partners that share our visions and philosophies on products and customers.

6. What things are most important to know about Mi Me?
The most important things to know about Mi-Me is that everything is made by hand with lots of love. All of our products are created exclusively with natural ingredients and we don’t use any fillers - every ingredient used is included to enhance one’s Mi-Me experience and we don’t do any animal testing.  We adore our customers and really enjoy talking to them and hearing all feedback good, bad, or ugly.  We are very much open to collaboration and partnerships with people from all walks of life, we strive to provide customers with an outstanding seamless Mi-Me experience that always feels personal and special.  

So to use your 10% discount go on to the website and type in pure10 at checkout. Please remember that it is case sensitive. Let us know how you like your products, and which ones are your favorites.



  1. So happy to learn about lip balms that don't include beeswax (i'm allergic). They all sound yummy, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Maryn,

      So happy you enjoyed the post. Their lip balms are super yummy, and I like because of the natural oils that it gives you a little shine which is always nice I think. Hope you get a chance to take advantage of the discount.


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