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About.....Pure Etc. 

Los Angeles native Pure Etc. started rhyming his first raps in the fifth grade.  He was literally born into hip-hop.  His Mom only 16 when she had him, and his Father only 15 meant that hip-hop was the music of the household.   All of the early greats influenced his lyricism as a
child, Parliament Funkadelic, Whodini, Run DMC, and Afrikabambaataa were just a few of the artists who helped shape his artistry. "I would describe my style as Vintage Hip Hop with a Twist of Lime.  The 4 tenants of hip hop are peace, love, unity, and having fun, and this is what I want people to feel when they hear my music."
Early on Pure joined a battle crew Metamorphosis.  His high school, Gardena High School, was known as the fashion school, and he was all about his style and his music.  Metamorphosis was known for their bright colors, crazy hair, and being one of the hardest crews around.  People caught on to their skills and word spread fast.  At 14, Pure called up Def Jam Records and rapped on their answering machine.  They called the house looking for him, but he was grounded at the time, and his parents wouldn't let him take the call or leave the house.  But nothing deterred him.After the dissolution of Metamorphosis, Pure moved on to pursue his solo career.  In 2010 he got all his own equipment, taught himself Logic-Pro, and started recording mix tapes out of his house.  He put them up online, and did videos each week, which he still continues to do to this day.  In 2011 he had the privilege to open for Busta Rhymes and Rick Ross at the Nokia theatre in downtown Los Angeles.  This year Pure was discovered on Reverbnation by World Wide Music Group, and signed a distribution deal with In Grooves Fontana/Universal Music Group. Currently, Pure is set to debut his first two singles Crush and Etc, which he has spent the last few months working on.  "I love that I am able to present myself as the artist that I am.  That I'm able to put my music out to be heard how I want people to hear it.  I don't have to compromise anything."  His new mix tape Cocktails and Checkcashing Volume 2 is set to drop some time in October with a series of music videos to go along with it.  This is just the start for Pure Etc. who knows exactly who he is as an artist and where he's going, and his depth of lyrics are sure to win him notoriety as a standout artist.

Pure Inspiration Etc. was born to share what inspires us in our lives, and hope that it does the same for you.  What inspires our art, music, home, and fashion will all be featured here.  We hope this is a place that you can be exposed to new ideas, interests, and passions, and that also brings you enjoyment and inspiration.  We believe that people are not one dimensional beings, but are multi-faceted with many loves and interests.  We want to share not only one aspect of our lives, but our lifestyle.  Hit us up with any questions and comments.

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